"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime." (Mark Twain : The Innocents Abroad, 1869)

Research and Background

As we continue to research our initial self-drive camping trip around Kenya, I will include links below to various pages we have found of assistance and that, hopefully, will be of help to others planning something similar.
  4x4 Hire   
   Arid Adventures
   Erikson Rover Safaris - they seem to operate vehicles that were once owned by Rovng Rovers.
    Roving Rovers
   Safari Drive - A UK based company who operate throughout much of East and Southern Africa.
   Automobile Association - It seems to offer the same breakdown service as their UK counterpart.
    Distances / times - 1 - I would take the information here as an indication only - African roads are renown for their variability.
    Distances and times - 2 - This is my own spreadsheet which shows an estimate of the distances and times between major points that we may visit.  The distances are calculated from a Tracks4Africa map and timings can be automatically recalculated by changing the red MPH figures. 
    Fuel Prices / Distances : This site seems to be able to calculate the fuel needed for any journey together with the time it will take.  I'm unsure how up to date the fuel prices are !
    Road Conditions - This is the Kenyan Government's own assessment of road conditions.
    Road Map - The Kenyan Government's road network map. 
    Wildebeest Camp - This seems to be a good budget option that gets good reviews on the Trip Advisor site.  It offers a variety of accommodation (from dorms to "delux safari tents or space for your own tent); airport transfers and safari booking services.  We haven't yet decided where we will stay but this seems a strong contender.
  Other areas
     Serena Hotels
    Serian Safari Camp - This is where I will be working and, again, it seems to get good reviews on the Trip Advisor site.  I can't wait !
      Emirates - on first look these flights looked good value but check how long the transit stop is in the Gulf : ours would have been 15 hours !
      Kenya Airways
   Regional / Local - inc services to NP and lodge airstrips
      Air Kenya 
       Mobile Phones - both companies offer a facility to send money to mobile phones. In the case of Safaricom (MPESA), in the UK you use Western Union agents or online : this is the only one of which I have experience - it worked OK and was cheaper than a bank transfer.

       SafaricomSeem to have quite a wide coverage including a number of NP & NRs.
       Zain (formerly Celtel) - Appears to have similar coverage to Safaricom

   Mara Hyena Research
    Garmin Maps - This company has a map for most of South and East Africa that you can download to you Garrmin SatNav.  It includes 'turn by turn' directions for most of its area and over 65,000 points of interest (POIs).
    Google Earth - An excellent tool that allows you to zoom in a see an amazing degree of detail - even down to the tracks leading to the small & remote Private Campsites in the Massai Mara NR.
    Google Maps - Almost as good as Google Earth but it does have the advantage of allowing you to customise maps.
   Migration - This site includes an animated map showing were the 'migration' may be in any given month as well as some other information on this event.
    On-Line Maps - From University of Texas

   Tracks4Africa - You can download electronic maps (Garmin compatible only) that cover both the principal road network in addition to off-road tracks.  The maps also come with a numerous POIs installed  (Narok has 15 !) which can be seen in more details the Padkos website.  You used to also be able to view this information on Google Earth but I'm told that the big G has now deleted it - a shame as it was useful information.
  In addition to using these links, always seek advice from your own medical practitioner. 
    Flying Doctor Service - Even though I purchased good travel / medical insurance, I also joined this service for $25 (£16) which seemed a bargain safetynet.
   General Advice - UK Government
   General Advice - Hospital for Tropical Diseases
  Malaria - Never - ever - even think about not taking the appropriate pills - I've travelled with somebody who contacted malaria, it's not something to be trifled with !
    Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad - Much of the information this site provides can, probably, be found at no cost on the other sites.
  Lonely Planet - an excellent and helpful international community who can usually be relied upon to answer most questions posted.
  Mara Triangle Public Forum -  A great place to find out information on the Masai Mara NR - especially the area to the West of the Mara River.
  My Safari - Only just come across this one !
  Trip Advisor -  I've used this as an excellent resource for finding out about (and reviewing) hotels around the world.  However, it also has a useful discussion forum. The author of one of the two best known travel guides regularly posts here - presumably he knows quite a bit about travelling in Kenya.
 Virtual Tourist - I've only just started to use this site but it seems to have the advantage of being able to ask questions about fairly small areas of the country.
    CIA - What the US's spooks say about Kenya
   Electricity and Plugs
   Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) A good place to check on the credentials of the myriad of local operators etc.  
    Travel Advisory - UK Government
     Travel Advisory - US Government
    Road Map - The Kenyan Government's road network map.
   Road Conditions - This is the Kenyan Government's own assessment of road conditions.
    Travel distances / times - I would take the information here as an indication only - African roads are renown for their variability.
    Visas - NB This advice is for UK citizens only - check elsewhere if , by an accident of birth, you are unfortunate enough not to be British.  On a visit to the Kenyan High Commission in London I was told that there is no longer any visa that covers a six month period.  The basic tourist visa is for 90 days but it can request an extension from any Immigration Office - in Nairobi and Mombassa and (perhaps) Kisumu.  The London High Commission also said that an immigration officer at any border may also issue and extension but I've not seen this stated elsewhere !
  Masai Mara North Conservancy - The area (outside the National Reserve) in which Serian Safari Camp is located.
  Kenya Wildlife Service
  Mara Triangle - This only covers the NR West of the Mara River : I can't find a similar site for the Eastern portion.

  The Daily Nation : Newspaper
  The Standard : Newspaper

Unless specifically noted, the above are are not intended as recommendations - only as possibly useful links.